Please pray for the church building - for the roof repairs and the rest of the structure. The repair work will be costly. Please pray for wisdom for the deacons also.


St Matthews Community Park’s day: Friday 6th August

The Parks Day event consists of activities, bouncing castles and food stalls all manned by various organisations in St Matthews. It is an event that represents the whole community and is a fun day out for the whole family.

We have another opportunity to be involved in the Parks Day for the third year running. On previous years, Carley has been able to have a ‘patch’ on Bushy Park where we were able to run a few activities for children and have in hand information about the church. It would be really valuable to have consistency in our presence at the event and therefore would value your support and prayers: if you are interested in getting involved, please see one of the deacons, and please pray for this day that we will meet many people off the estate and will have significant conversations.  



Good News! The tea and coffee outreach is starting on Tuesday 7th September and will run every Tuesday 10.30am till 12.30pm. Anyone is welcome. For more details please see Amanda Manchester. Please also pray that people from St Matthews will come in.

Thank you, Amanda




A big thank you to Norman Pyne who, along with his other voluntary jobs, has spent days in June cutting the car park hedge and disposing of it all. His hard work is really appreciated while we have no caretaker.




Update from the Trokhymenkos

In the April-June copy of the Carley News, mention was made of Sasha and Susanne’s call to serve the Lord in the Ukraine. In spite of all the delays and uncertainties that the volcanic ash had on flights from the UK, their flight to the Ukraine, at the last moment, was on time. They arrived safely. Problems then arose with clearance through the customs of their luggage sent by lorry. Eventually the Lord overruled so that the goods were released, but it all involved extra and unexpected cost and expense.

At Sasha and Susanne’s valedictory service the following poem was read. It is included here as it presents a challenge to all of us who love the Lord Jesus Christ, to examine our lives concerning our desire to serve our God day by day.

- R. John Wheeler


Sasha and Susanne’s poem for their valedictory service on 18th April 2010, before leaving for the Ukraine to carry on the pastorship of the little church that Ivan, Sasha’s father, founded a few years ago.

The poem is based on Roman’s 13:11-14.


Wake up! Wake up! There’s work for you to do.

Forget your dreams and all your personal longings.

Men’s souls are lost, they need to hear the Gospel,

Bestir yourselves. God prepares you for His work,


Get up! Get up! God calls you to arise,

Shake of all sloth, and make the sacrifice.


Dress up! Dress up! Put on God’s sacred armour:

His helmet, breastplate, girdle and faith’s shield,

And sheath your sword, the Spirit’s holy weapon

Go forth to conquer in His worthy name.


Go out! Go out! T’is you He calls thus to obey His voice:

Leaving behind a normal life of ease.

So march ahead, and serve Him in Ukraine.


Tell forth! Tell forth! His wondrous holy Gospel.

It is the message men must surely hear

Or else they’ll die and go to an awful doom,

And dwell for ever far from God’s great love.


Turn men to Christ! Bring them to the cross.

Show them what Christ did when He came on earth to die.

And then to rise again! Proclaim His resurrection

And that He lives, the lost sheep to bring home.


Count on His strength! The strength of His own Spirit.

He’ll keep you, guide you, give you words to say.

He’ll give you gifts to help and sustain

Those new-born souls that they disciples be.


Let praise be in your heart! Wait patiently for Him

To give the Spirit’s fruit in hearts that learn to trust.

And as you both go forward, persevere as labourers,

So will a treasure be laid up for you in heaven’s home.


Pierre Wheeler (Dad) Arras 21/03/2010



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