Proclaiming the Gospel in Leicester 

Every Wednesday, throughout the year, a group of about 8-10 believers meet to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the centre of Leicester, under the banner of the Open Air Mission ( We have been greatly blessed, not only with the size and enthusiasm of the group, but also with many encouraging contacts. We trust that much seed has been planted through the preaching, tracting and conversations, which the Lord will cause to bear fruit. The range and variety of folk passing through the city centre mid-week lunchtime is huge - and a great opportunity.

We represent several independent evangelical churches in the greater Leicester area. Whilst we are not recruiting for our churches, but seeking to bring the lost to Christ, it would be wonderful to have some believers from Carley join us, given Carley's prime city-centre location.

Please think and pray about this. We go out in fear and trembling each week, remembering that without Jesus, we can do nothing, but can do all things through Him who strengthens us (John 15:5 / Philippians 4:13)! It is certainly a real joy and privilege to share life and salvation through Jesus Christ with those who are lost and heading for a godless eternity. And please pray for us anyway - we do need your prayers!

We meet, weather permitting, Wednesdays, 12:45-2:45 on Gallowtree Gate, either opposite M&S or The Works.

If you need more information or would like to join us, contact


Audrey Flinder’s husband Alan suffered a heart attack in Marks and Spencers and is at present in hospital. Please uphold the family in prayer and pray for a full recovery for Alan.


Message from the Gideons

Would you please pass on to Carley the grateful thanks of the Leicester Branch of the Gideons for the regular faithful giving through your ‘mite phials’ month by month.

You are helping to support the distribution of Gideon scriptures to Hotels, Hospitals, Prisons, Schools and Colleges in this area and it is very much appreciated, without your ongoing financial and prayer support we would not be able to fully meet such tremendous opportunities.

Although we are privileged to visit nearly thirty schools every year, sadly there are still a number closed to us. Lancaster boys, after many years being closed, agreed last year to accept our offer of testaments to the children, however we were saddened to receive further notice that their Assistant Head has sent word we are now not welcome, so it’s back to prayer yet again, please join with us, not only for this school but for the others still closed.

Thank you again for your partnership in the Gospel.

On behalf of the Leicester Branch.       


(A ‘mite phial’ is a small cylinder container in which to collect coins)

Yours in Christ,

Ray Pearce  


De Montfort Christian Union


Carley! I think I speak for both myself and Emma when I say, thank you. Thank you for your loving kindness towards us as students, but also as people. We have felt safe, loved, welcomed and involved, and we truly feel a part of this mission.

So as students we are often, as you’d expect, with other students. This is where De Montfort Christian Union comes in. We are a mission team on our campus. Our aim is to give every student at DMU the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel; the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Where are we at the moment?

Currently, the Christian Union is around forty - fifty in numbers, and represents many Churches from around Leicester. We believe that we are missionaries, sent by you (the Church), to tell the good news of Jesus in our mission field. 

But what is our mission field? 

De Montfort University is the home of 27,000 students from all over the world. We are a buzzing, creative, busy University. We run courses in the arts, the sciences, humanities, business, and a lot more besides. We are also home to many other religions, particularly Muslims. Students’ age range from 18 to 80, and more people than you can count are lost sheep.
The Christian Union is currently aiming to provide events for people at every level. That’s people with no Christian background, to people who have rejected it. People with faith, to people who simply have questions. We run two events weeks in the year, in which there is focussed evangelistic talks, lunch bars and evening events. One is in Fresher’s week, and one is after Christmas.

We also run equip groups. These are smaller mission teams within the big one. They run social evenings, training events, weekly Bible study and seminars.

We have weekly prayer meetings, every Friday at 8am (with breakfast!), and a Thursday evening meeting for people to worship God, receive teaching and encouragement, all focussed on mission.
We also have an International work, where we are seeing around 50 international students learning about Jesus for the first time. Two of these students have already given their lives to the Lord.
That’s the current situation. Where do we go from here?
Where are we headed?

This year is a very exciting one. In particular, the way we do events is changing quite dramatically. There is a new system being put in place that ensures the CU are not just talking about, praying about, and equipping for mission, but doing it. 

This system is called 123GO.

This basically means that every four weeks, we have what is known as a ‘GO’ week. This will be a concentrated evangelistic week, with a special event, lunch bars, and lectures. The 123 weeks are all in preparation for the GO week. They will follow the same theme, and everything we do will fit into the system. This will help with organization, letting people know when events are, and making sure we are getting evangelism into our schedule. Because it needs to be there. 

The focus this year within the CU is on personal holiness, getting into and understanding God’s word, unity, prayer, and involvement. We feel that these things are of paramount importance when it comes to telling people about Jesus.
How can Carley be involved?


Above all, we need to bathe everything we do in prayer. Without that, we are nothing. Pray for more and more opportunities to talk to people about Jesus. Pray for a real openness within the University. Pray for God to supply our needs this year.

Pray for new students, Christians and ones that aren’t.
Pray for unity within the CU, and that every single person would be involved as part of the mission team.

Tell us you are praying for us. It is so encouraging to see Churches getting behind a mission so unique, and exciting.

You can give your time, helping with anything. Give your encouragement to those who are involved. If you feel it is where God wants you to give financially, then give financially. Give your ears. Ask where you can help, and what needs prayer.
Thank you so much for all your support so far.

Romans 3:5-6

“Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”
In His name,

Josh Shirtcliffe

De Montfort Christian Union President 2012 - 2013



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