Lifelimes Caroltime

You are invited to join us at  2pm - 3pm on Tuesday December 13th for a carol service led by six Salvation Army bandsman from the South Wigston Corps.

 Message from Joyce Pyne:

 Thank you for your prayers for the last 18 months whilst I have been in and out of hospital undergoing chemotherapy. The last scan showed that I am in remission so the cancer is clear. The Professor at the LRI noted that the successful treatment must be due to prayer.

It has been interesting that everywhere I went I could not escape people from Carley! The cleaner at the hospital used to come to Sonshine Hour; the sandwich girl came to Girl Covenanters; the lady’s husband in the bed next along went to Boy Covenanters!




This year I (Lydia) am excited to part of the Christian Union leadership team at my college Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College - ‘QE’ for short! There are 7 of us on the team and we split roles equally, leading the weekly meeting, giving the talk and baking cakes. Every Thursday we meet after school, play some games, eat cake, have a talk and have a time of prayer and discussion. This term we have been looking at the basics of faith including talks on prayer, reading the Bible and faith itself. We have been really excited to see people come, most weeks we have between 20 and 30 people which has been great although we would love more! At the start of next term we have a speaker booked to do a talk on faith vs. science and we would really love to see lots of people from outside the Christian Union coming along. In the future we are looking to do outreach in the college although at present we are not sure what form this will take.

We are really excited to see what God has got in store for QE this year and would value your prayers for a number of things:


 Wisdom for the leadership team about what topics to talk about and what type of outreach to do

 For more people to come to CU 

 That the CU would really become a light at QE

 That we would really draw close as a CU to form a community of friends


Over the next year I’ll be keeping you updated with how everything is going. Thank you for your prayers.

Lydia Baines


Hi There!

So last newsletter, I (Emma) wrote a short article on the Fresher’s week work the Christian Union at De Montfort University was doing for the new students! I am delighted to say it was a fantastic week and we now have around 30 new students who love the Lord and want to serve Him at Uni.

Last Saturday (30/10/11) the CU put on an evangelism event that engaged many of the students at DMU. This event was an opportunity to meet more students, chat to them about their lives and Jesus though giving them a cup of coffee and a chocolate spread sandwich as they leave the Students Union. This type of event enables us as the CU to chat to people we may have never spoken to. Many of these young people have consumed a large amount of alcohol in a night, but the affect is usually that they want to chat about things that otherwise they may have run away from. It may be absolutely exhausting (hanging around outside the Union Bar until 4am!) but, I’m sure lots of people who have done Tea and Toast will say the same, it is so rewarding! God blesses us with fantastic conversations and the opportunities to meet new friends.


Please pray for the Christian Unions at both Universities, that they will have a servant heart to the Lord, being encouraged and challenged by His desires whilst at University. CU is a great opportunity for Christians (and non-Christians!) to get to know more about Jesus and why we need Him, so please pray that we will be able to continue the work.


If you have any questions about our work or CU in general, feel free to email me on

In Christ,

Emma Young (Outreach Organiser, DMU CU)


Hot dogs hurled at Baptists


MEMORIES with a difference of the coffee stall on the corner of Humberstone Gate prompted Peter H Adams, of Wigston Magna, to write.

He recalls attending the Sunday evening open air service, held each week, whatever the weather, after the normal service at the Carley Street Baptist Church, led by the Minister, the Rev P J Smith, with music provided by Frank Ball on his piano accordion. (Frank now lives near Western Park).

“While the singing of hymns and choruses vibrated around the stall, various missiles, mostly in the form of hot dogs, were aimed at those preaching or singing,” says Mr Adams.

“These provided substantial meals for the pigeons the next day.

“Late in the year of 1946, permission was granted for the church to hold similar services in the Secular Hall in Humberstone Gate. These were often attended by German prisoners of war, who, as the war was now over, were allowed out of the camp to visit the city centre.

“At the same time, American servicemen, who were stationed in the area, came along.

“In 1958, the church in Carley Street was closed down due to the demolition of the area, and a new building was erected in Wharf Street North in 1959, with the word Carley incorporated in the title.

“This still stands with a congregation of African, Caribbean, Asian and English locals with the same trust in God’s power as it had since 1823.”


Article from the Leicester Mercury, 21st September 2011



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