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Here are the stories of two people who have suffered for their faith:

In Nigeria there has been violence and intimidation of Christians for a number of years. Rifkatu Ephraim Masok’s Husband was attacked and killed in Jos late in 2008. He was a Pastor and was trying to protect his church from a mob. A month after his death she was visited by an Open Doors co worker. She was uncertain about the future “I look to God alone. I’m scared of renewed violence. I don’t know what to do” . Rifkatu and her children were forced to leave their home, Open Doors was able to help her with counselling, relief aid and school fees. Her fifth child was born May the following year (2009). Again Open Doors was able to help with paying some medical bills and driving her home. “My heart is so full of joy.” You stood by my side and encouraged me in different ways “May God bless you richly”. A few months later Open Doors delivered hundreds of letters from Christians around the world Rifkatu said “These letters are so encouraging I don’t get tired of them. They are my best companion. I draw a lot of courage from them. I am glad” 

Aliman Yimit is a pastor serving the Uygher people in China. The Uygher people have a Muslim background and culture. Aliman was arrested in January 2008 and given a fifteen year prison sentence. His wife Gulnur is looking after their children after she has had no contact with him since his arrest. In January she asked for prayer for her husband in a video. “I have been greatly moved by brothers and sisters who after hearing of Alimans arrest have been urgently interceding in prayer. Thank you so much. It is this that has sustained Aliman and our family’s strength and enabled us to miraculously keep walking to this day. During these trying two years we have suffered much. Many times I felt helpless, weak to the point of not being able to lift myself off the floor but the Lord though Romans 5:2-5 spoke to me. It was not just once that in tears I asked God ‘why do you want to separate us? Even two years is still not enough, you want to add 13 more years? Every night I can hear my son pray ‘Lord Jesus, you said if only two or three are gathered in prayer, you will answer their prayer but there are now so many people praying together for daddy and he has still cant come back’ . Now his case is at the appeal stage. This will be the final verdict I have watched my children hold on to the hope day and night that their daddy can soon return home. As a mother I really do not want to see the look of disappointment on their faces again. Dear brothers and sisters I earnestly hope you will once again offer up your most fervent prayers to move the hand of God to change this situation. 

These people are following Jesus where faith cost the most. Pray for them, write to them. (Taken from Open Doors magazine)



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