Carley Waterside Walk - 31st May 

‘Whitsun’ is the true time of Pentecost (50 days after Easter) when in the Bible book of Acts we are told that the Holy Spirit, the comforter promised by Jesus, came to the disciples at Jerusalem. In many countries different celebrations are held to celebrate ‘Whit Sunday’ or Whitsun. In the UK in previous generations this has often been a time when church or Sunday school anniversaries were celebrated. Whit walks were another tradition often staged as a procession of witness.

This year the true Whitsun would have been the 24th May but the Government holiday changes from 1967 mean that Whitsun or Whitsuntide has become the late spring bank holiday.  

This year Carley had what could be called a Whitsun Waterside Walk on the bank holiday Monday.

We travelled to Pittsford reservoir in Northamptonshire only 28 miles from Carley. The reservoir was constructed around 1956 and is split into two parts by a causeway. One part is a nature reserve complete with Bird watching hides and fishing facilities, the other is used for leisure activities.

The weather was cloudy but good and only a few spots of rain fell later in the afternoon. We walked around the leisure part of the reservoir following the meandering shore line to Brixworth country park, giving way many times to Joggers and cyclists. The pathway was a little rough but was easily usable by buggies. Older folks and young folk, joined us on the walk and a couple of dogs.

The walk was approximately 3 and a half miles and had plenty of resting places which were well used by everyone young and old alike. Across the reservoir there is a small landing strip and we saw microlight aircraft taking off and landing.

In the distance we could see the dam wall reaching across the whole reservoir, this is near to a sailing club and boats were on the water with an occasional wind surfer. We saw a number ducks and swans, some with their young in tow. At the car park the ducks were approaching people to be fed.

We walked to the country park and stopped for lunch using the picnic benches for the Carley group. Other folk joined us here.

Brixworth country park was improved at the millennium and now has a children's play area and a sensory Garden and path walks all with open access.

After lunch the children’s area was well used by the families with us. Keeping track of the youngsters proved difficult! The climbing equipment was very popular. The boys and the young at heart held an impromptu game of football while others in need of more stimulants made use of the café.

Walking back gave a different perspective on the reservoir and it seemed longer.

Well done to all who made it on the walk. It was a time for fellowship and being together away from our normal routines.

Thanks to those who helped with transport.

Next time we could walk up Kinder Scout in the Peak District in Derbyshire for the active ones or maybe take a more sedate and leisurely ride in the Rutland Belle across Rutland water?

If you have any pictures please give them to or email them to Chris Baines so we can have a display and choose a ‘picture of the day’. 

Chris Baines



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