Poland 2013

4th - 11th August


This is the time of year again where I start to get ready for the highlight of my summer holidays - helping out at the camp in Poland! This year the team is one member short so it will be just me (Joanna), Mohan and Mark who will be going. We are leaving one day earlier this year so as to arrive at the church to help set up everything in preparation for the children arriving on Monday morning. We will be flying out on Sunday the 4th August on the first flight out of Birmingham at the unearthly hour of 6am so I doubt I will get much sleep the night before! Please pray for travelling mercies as we are currently looking at having to take an extra case because we have got so many items to give to the children. It will be a great time to spend introducing the children to Jesus through puppetry and Bible stories, this year I believe the broad topic for the week will be the life of Paul. I also can’t wait for the camp and the fun we can have without the world of health and safety!


For those of you who were not in church on Sunday when I gave the announcement we have in the past week had an update from the pastor of the church in Piatków. As many of you know after last year’s visit, a dream that the pastor has had for many years began to come to fruition. His dream had been to build a fully equipped brand new multi-functioning dormitory building. Life in a rural Polish village is quite tough and consequently the church does not have much money, so much so that the pastor has to supplement his yearly income by doing manual labour in the salmon industry. The current conditions that the camp is run in are basic to say the least, three toilets and one bathroom for 35 children. The conditions are not ideal but it is all they have and so great is their desire to share the Gospel with the children that they run a camp every year. When we were there last year we were shown the blue prints for the building project and the enormous amount of paper that had to be signed. Whilst this was great I found it a little hard to visualise the site when all there was just an empty grassy volleyball court! Around Christmas time we sent out some money to them and now as of last week I can proudly report that the foundations are finally in! It is so exciting to see the progression of this project God is finally bringing into fruition. While we have lost use of the volleyball court for this year’s camp the most important thing is that the dream is becoming real, it has given me hope that no matter how big the dream may seem God will find a way of bringing it to completion. The next stage of the project is the building of the walls and I think the projected date for that to begin is around September time. God is so good and I cannot wait to see the finished project, although that is still going to be in a few years!


Please pray for us as we head out to Poland. Pray that we may touch the lives of the children who are coming, some of whom we might have met before and the new ones. Pray that our travelling will be without incident and that that all of the luggage arrives together!

I would like to just say a massive thank you for all your support and prayers, it is much appreciated :)



Joanna Baines



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