Poland 2014

It is getting near that time that our team heads off to Poland. This year our visit will be slightly earlier than previously because of the availability of the site and all of us who are needed to run the camp. A team consisting of me (Joanna), Mark and Mohan will be flying out to Warsaw on 20th July. For the first week we will be helping Pastor Boleck with his camp as we have done for the last 6 years. After the camp ends we will hopefully go back to visit the ARKA centre in central Warsaw to help with their holiday club. The details about the latter are still in the process of being confirmed in typical Polish style!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and contributions towards the Poland dormitory project. There has been much progress since I last saw the building site in the summer. Mark has been able to send Pastor Boleck over three quarters of the money needed! We sent £5000 just before Christmas followed in February of this year another £9000. That brings the total to £14,000 and with another £6000 due to be wired over soon there will only be £5000 left to raise! God is amazing in His provision for this project and what a difference it will make for the community. The building process is already beginning to bless the community as Boleck is able to employ local builders and suppliers to construct the building. Boleck has been quite regular in updating Mark on the monthly progress of the building. Last summer the foundations were in place but the whole site was just a giant sand pit, in fact we were walking along the foundations to avoid the hot sand! Since then in February the sewage and waste pipes were put in closely followed at the start of March by the walls and floors. The latest update we have received is that the walls are now up to window-sill height. I think by the time that we arrive for the summer camp most of the building’s shell will be completed. Our total of £25,000 will therefore enable the empty structure to be built but it will still need to be fitted with electric, gas, and water as well as furnished. God has been so good and we do not doubt that He will provide for the rest of the building project. It will be so amazing to see this building when it is finally opened to the community and to hear of the ways in which it will be a blessing to the local community and others. We will update you with the progress of the building project if we receive any more news before we fly out in July.

While it will be very exciting to see the building site when we arrive, our main role as in the previous years is over the course of the week to tell the children about Jesus, using Bible stories, songs and puppetry. We will also come up with crazy messy games and craft projects to do together as well. In previous years as you all know we have each carried up to five kilograms of extra items for the camp in our luggage (balls, crafts, exercise books, teddies etc.) This year we have decided to lighten our loads and we will be only taking across the more specialist craft items as well as some smaller items such as teddies. (If anyone has any SMALL teddies they wish to donate to the camp as prize gifts for the children please bag them up and give them to Mohan.) Last year we were driven to a large shopping centre nearby the camp and we discovered that apparently Tesco stores exist in the middle of rural Poland! We will buy many of the heavier items over there to save us carrying the extra weight in our suitcases! I always look forward to the mayhem and fun that is running a children’s camp in Poland without any health and safety rules!

· Please pray for the rest of the building project that we can raise the remaining money to fully finish the project

· Pray for Pastor Boleck and Ella as they start to prepare for the camp

· Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the children who will come to the camp this year

· Pray for the local children a few who have been regular over the years, pray that they will be able come again this year and the word of God would sink in to their hearts

· Pray for us as a team as we prepare for the trip

Thank you once again for your continuing support and prayers.


Joanna Baines



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