Stand by Me is more than a charity – it is a global movement of like-minded people, passionate about rescuing kids in crisis and changing the lives of desperately needy kids worldwide. 


Stand By Me work with over 3,000 children in some of the world’s poorest countries such as Burma, Colombia, EthiopiaIndia, Moldova and Romania. Through their children’s homes, schools and care centres, their aim is to meet the individual needs of children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused, victims of war or disease or are living in extreme poverty. They aim to make lasting improvements to children’s lives, caring for them as Jesus would, by restoring their dignity and giving them a sense of self worth feeling loved. 


Their children’s homes provide a family style environment where orphaned and abandoned children can grow in acceptance and love, enabling them to reach their full potential. The children in the homes are cared for from infancy until they are able to function as an independent member of society. Their schools provide each child with a quality education, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty and eventually provide for their own future. In many countries where they work, health care is not accessible so they provide the children and their families with a variety of health programmes including the provision of nurses, medication, food programmes and clean water. 


Stand By Me also have a child sponsorship scheme for just £20 a month. Many of the children in their care are orphaned and have no other means of support, in this case, your sponsorship will provide them with 24hour care in a Stand By Me loving family home where they receive nutritious food, safe water, health care and an education. Some of the children in their care have a family, but are too poor to attend school, so in this case, your sponsorship will enable them to attend a Stand By Me school and provide them with a quality education, committed teachers, books, pens, nutritious food and vital medical care. Sponsored children thrive on the knowledge that their sponsor really cares for them and their future. This greatly improves their self-confidence and esteem. This special bond will mean the world to a child but also be extremely rewarding to you as you develop a real relationship. You will receive your child's photo, personal story, updates and news, personal correspondence, and your child’s annual progress report.


Another option is to sponsor a care home. In the same way as the child sponsorship, your money will be allocated to help care for the needs of children in a home, providing love, emotional support, caring house parents, food & clothes, a warm bed, an education and vital medical care.

A country that currently has a great need is Burma. Burma  is a country ruled by a military junta where the violation of human rights and oppression have resulted in extreme poverty, starvation, child prostitution and thousands of orphaned and abandoned children. Throughout the country Stand by Me is providing loving care to 400 children at risk across 20 family homes, and education for over 1500 children at 8 schools, allowing children to grow in confidence and ultimately reach their full potential.


If you would like to sponsor a child or are interested in more information, please visit the website:



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