Summer 2011

Joanna: Before I start I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for all the support that has been given throughout my first year at university. I have really appreciated all the prayers, letters and emails they have encouraged me a lot.

Summer 2011 is going to be a lot less busy than previous years. My main ministry activity of this summer is my trip to Poland with Mark Paton and Mohan. As many of you know, due to unforeseen circumstances the trip to help at the children’s camp in Poland had to be cancelled. I have no doubt that this was God’s will and that He is going to use it in some way. As we had already bought our plane tickets and were unable to get a refund we sought another venture to do some kind of work in Poland with perhaps a charity or a church. The opportunity then arose to help at a church in Warsaw, working with homeless people and street children. We will be going from 25th July to 1st August. Please pray for this ministry. It is my hope that God will use us as a team and me individually in some other way in Poland. I know that God has given me a heart for that country, although He has not fully revealed to me what part this is going to play in my life plan, I look forward to finding out! I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have supported us with money and wool/teddies. They will be put into to storage and used in the next camp, hopefully next year! Some of the money has been sent to buy the awning to replace the old circus style one in the picture on the Poland notice board. I’m sure that the awning will benefit the church and help with its own ministry outreaches. Thank you once again for all the support given toward the Poland trip.

As for the rest of the summer, I’m going to Momentum with my university friends at the end of August, which I’m looking forward to. Momentum is like Soul Survivor but aimed at students and people in their early twenties. Momentum basically is a lot of people camping in a very muddy site (there will have been at least 4 weeks’ worth of usage on the ground, so I am expecting it to be a mire!) and having seminars and meetings that bring us closer to God. I’m looking forward to the teaching aspect of the week just not the mud and the lack of showers! But I am sure that God will use all the mud and events to help me grow.

Thank you once again for all your support.


Lydia: At the time you are reading this I will have completed a few of my summer activities. At the end of July I had been a leader on the first week of Faith Mission Camp in Harby. This year was my second time leading at camp and I was still a little bit nervous. Thankfully I had a really lovely tent group of 4 girls and was able to lead that tent with one of my close friends. Throughout the week we learnt about the story of Joseph and also of some of the great missionaries such as Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot and Eric Lidell. In the evenings we had quiet times within our tent group and often it would feel like Louise (my co-leader) and I were going off at a tangent and rambling a bit however the next day something we had said would be included in the talks so it was a great blessing to know that God really was putting the right words in our mouths. Throughout the week some of the main themes that came through was trusting the plans that God has for us whatever situation we are in and knowing God will never leave our side. As well as having good teaching the week was a lot of fun, I was involved in one of the famous 'messy quizzes' of camp which honestly was quite disgusting! It basically involved putting different combinations of leftover food on my feet, hands and even face - much to the children's delight! It was an experience! Thank you for all your prayers for this week. During the first week of August I am going to be completing some work observation at the LRI which will be helpful in my application for Medicine. After that I will be attending the Faith Mission 15+ camp which I'm really looking forward to as it is always an exciting time of teaching and learning, as well as, of course, lots of fun! Following camp I'm going to Soul Survivor which is a great opportunity to join together with thousands of other young Christians and worship together, seeing lots of people saved, learning lots about God, drinking a lot of hot chocolate and wearing wellies! I have really enjoyed my summer thus far and look forward to what is to come.


Grace: 9th - 15th August: For the foruth year I will be one of the teachers at the Girls Camp at Stathern Lodge, Melton Mowbray. This year's theme is 'Whisper in my heart' and I will be talking about the power of God's voice and His Word though gentle and sweet, and the importance of listening and obeying Him. Please pray for me as I prepare and deliver the message each day. The girls who attend the camp are from Tamil churches in London. It has been a real privilege over the years to minister to the girls and witness their faith progress, many of which are really keen to grow closer to the Lord.

26th -29th August: Family Camp will again take place during the Bank Holiday weekend. In response to the various disasters and instability in the world this past year, it was thought that a theme relating to peace may offer a Christian perspective to these things, therefore the theme is 'Blessed be the peacemaker'. I will be leading the youth/young adult sessions again and would value your prayers in the preparation and delivery. With a large age range and young people of a different faith background (primarily Hindu), it can be difficult to know exactly what angle to take. It is my desire that God will speak to them individually in some way. Please also pray for the adult sessions, that those who do not know Christ will see their need and make a commitment.



Felix:  I don’t have much things going on this August apart from Harby Faith Mission Camp, 7th to 12th August. This will be my second time going and I hope to get a good experience as I did last year. On the 25th August, I will be receiving my GCSE results.  



Raphael: This summer I'm leading on the 12-14's camp at Harby. I'm really looking forward to it as I really enjoyed it last year and grew from the experience. I'm looking forward to working with an older age group as well. Then the week after I and three other Christian friends are going away to the seaside to do a spot of surfing, which I haven't done before so it’s an exciting prospect! Then I'm going to Soul Survivor the week after, which coincidentally is the same week I get my A-level results! So a busy couple of weeks ahead and I’d really value your prayers!

Prayer requests: that lives would be changed at Harby, including mine! That my friends and I would be safe as we go away on our own, and that Soul Survivor would again be life-changing and that I grow from the experience! Also that everything regarding results, university places etc would go both smoothly and to Gods plan! Thank you!! 


Lina: At the beginning of this summer because of financial factors I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go to any events such as Faith Mission Camp or Soul Survivor. I then felt called to lead at Faith Mission Camp but was initially turned down because the camp had sufficient amount of leaders and my application was very late. However, in the last week God has really answered my prayers and I’ve been asked to help lead! Needless to say I was ecstatic! God has really provided in a way I didn’t think was possible. After so many years of attending Camp I’m so glad that I get to serve in a ministry that has been so integral to my walk as a Christian! Please pray that God will really reveal Himself in a new way to me and that I would learn something new from serving!



Adam, Shanice, Na-keisha and Sammy will be going to Harby Faith Mission 12-14’s camp from Monday 1st August – Friday 5th August. Sammy and Na-keisha have been attending our current youth activities and it will be first time going to camp. Please remember them in your prayers as we hope that Sammy  and Na-keisha will settle in and have memorable experiences.

Adam then will be going on the Bethal Camp to Wales on 6th August. Please pray that he will be challenged to walk closer to Christ.



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