A Gift with the ‘X Factor’?

whatever our weekend viewing many of us struggle to choose gifts at Christmas. Can fair trade provide you with gifts with the X factor?

Most of us are aware that fair trade means that the people who have made or grown an item have been paid a fair wage for their labour. That can’t be wrong!

Fair trade gives craftsman or woman the dignity of earning a living, to support their family. So buying fair trade is surely a kind and loving action!

When you buy a fair trade gift you are helping preserve skills handed down through many generations; that makes each item special and unique!

‘Please send us more orders, we want to work’ is the plea from artisans working with our partners. Those of us who have visited the workshops have heard it in many situations and in several languages! It’s a big challenge for all of us as we try to support producers in a sustainable way. In these difficult economic times, we really have to ‘go the extra mile’ to get the sales needed to keep the orders flowing to the producers. Have you friends or relatives you can introduce to fair trade?

Visit fair2all the fair trade shop at 17 The Green, North Street, Ashby de la Zouch, and discover a wide selection of fair trade gifts, clothes and food that multiply the giving at Christmas.

Vote for fair trade this Christmas!

As we celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of fair2all I give thanks to God, please pray for strength for us in the busy time before Christmas and that we will continue to show God’s love through our actions.

These products are also available from Tearfund’s ‘Created’. Created is the new name for Tearcraft. The name may have changed but the commitment to provide a fair price for the products of some of the poorest workers in our world continues.  There is an exceptionally attractive collection this year, with not only many favourites but also many new and unique items reflecting the creativity and skill of the craft workers who made them. Again the catalogue records details of the lives that have been transformed by your purchases. By logging on to www.createdgifts.org you can not only see footage of craft workers making the products but also an even wider range of products.

‘Created’ catalogues are also available for collection from fair2all.

Please pray for us as we go into the busier time of the autumn that our conduct will be  seen  as  a witness and that we are, as our name suggests, trying to be  fair  to everyone from the producer through to the customer.

Moreover, underused Christmas presents can be very wasteful: if you want to be sure that your gift is used you may want to consider giving a ‘Living Gift’ – your gift could be anything from 40 school lunches in India to two boxes of grain which can be used when the harvest runs out in Burkina Faso – you buy vouchers of a certain value (coded by colour) and the living gifts recipient chooses which project they will use their voucher to support. To order vouchers visit www.livinggifts.org.uk or call: 0845 241 7782 Copies of the Living Gifts catalogue are available from fair2all.



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