Report from Tadeusz & Ewa Tolwiński,

Conference 2012, Lodz, Poland

FAITH 2012 - This was the title of this year's Conference under the emblem "Together for the Gospel". About 170 people came together to the city of Spała (close to Tomaszów Mazowiecki , Poland ), on June 7-9, 2012, where they sought to reflect on the actual state of their faith in the friendly environment of the resort "Zacisze". This was made possible through the ministry of 10 speakers from Poland and from abroad who in different areas of life and at different levels of Christian maturity were encouraging the participants to have a deeper reflection upon their faith. The main speaker of the Conference was Basil Howlett from Great Britain.

The goal of these conferences "Together for the Gospel" is not only to help all of us to look at our lives in the light of the Word of God. Every year we seek to use these conferences to lead our hearts and minds toward the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is also that people participating in them may be touched by the power of the Word of God and receive encouragement to grow in their faith and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We aim also at using these conferences to build a coalition for the Gospel of Christ in Poland and in Europe. The Conference "Faith 2012" represents our contribution in this great work of God.
We pray that all the participants will not only keep their faith at the same level, but that they would also move in their faith beyond the horizon they have known up to now. If God will allow us, we plan to meet next year for the 5th Conference "Together for the Gospel" with an even bigger group of people. Thank you for your prayers. If you see the need for these conferences, we would invite you to pray for the organization of the next one.

On our web page we offer more information about the event and the possibility to listen to the sessions offered through the conference. 


Tadeusz & Ewa 

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