The Trokhymenko Update

Nearly 18 months...


FAMILY: The kids have resumed school for their second year in the village. Although quite nervous at first, they have embraced the new challenges with the Lord’s strength and are counting on Him. They want to shine in that school for Jesus. Thank you for your continuous prayers for them.


TRANSPORT: The Lord provided amazingly for us to purchase a brand new 9 seater van, a Groz Polarsun. How we love that little van! Other than some teething problems it has been a complete and utter blessing. Not only were we able to travel away for our holiday but we were able to transport 7 of the teenagers in our church to a Christian camp. What a blessing! We were able to make several trips too with same children, to the beach and for a weekend away. More recently, we were able to pick up a team of 3 young people from our sending church in Folkestone from the airport. They have come to help us with the building works of the church. We transport them to the village on a daily basis to assist Sasha with works. Without this van it would have been impossible.


CHURCH: Building - As mentioned before, the Lord provided 3 young people to come over for a month specifically to help with works on the church buildings. Walls are coming down, other walls are going up; rooms are being emptied of junk. Basically things are moving on.

The people - We are seeing a small youth group forming. We hope to be able to establish a regular meeting time as soon as the first stage of works is over and the church stops being a dangerous building site. We were hoping to start Sunday School in June but again the state of the buildings has stopped us from moving ahead.


HOUSE SITUATION: We are considering moving to the village. It is where the Lord has called us to serve, the community we belong to and where we want to be. Please continue to pray with us that we will be able to make this move as soon as possible to avoid the daily commute which is a waste of valuable resources and of time. We look to Him and His timing. Thank you for interceding for us before the Throne.


In His service and for His glory alone,

Sasha and Susanne, Laura, Yann and Lucie (serving in Ukraine)




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