News from Lynne McLeavy

Working with UFM and with the Flowers Estate community in Benevides, Belem, Brazil


The team and the teens: At the moment we have three full time missionaries Bete, Raquel and me; and two people Erica and Isa, who help out on a regular basis. After Christmas we are going to sit down and plan the courses for 2009. The children who are going to school really need help so Raquel will give extra classes and help them with homework. We also want to encourage the children who are not going to school to start this year. For Christmas each child received a gift which included books and pencils.

The teenagers who accepted Christ on this summer’s camp are really coming on well. They are very enthusiastic and help at the children’s club – they clean the school, set everything up, and clean everything at the end of the club.


The new building: The first phase of the new building is nearly ready, all it needs now is a lick of paint. We did want to have the official opening for Christmas but not everyone was able to fit in. The children are really looking forward to using the new building and they have had regular updates on how the building has been coming along.


The dump: Many of the children are still working in the dump, we are trying to get the parents to see the dangers of this. Some of you know that Julio was killed while working in the dump. He was on the back of a tractor and lost his grip, the tractor drove over him killing him instantly. He has a wife and two young children. The tragedy has left everyone in shock especially since a few years ago a seven year old boy from the same family was also killed in this way. Julio’s sister, Mary, takes part in our teenagers group and helps with the young children. Please pray for the whole family and that Julio’s wife will be able to receive help from the Government to support her children.

Brazil has just had elections and we were told until the elections were over the Government could not give any help to the community around the dump because it would be seen as trying to buy votes. Well the elections are over, so once again we will try and get help for the Flowers Estate community.


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Take from ‘News from Lynne McLeavy’ December 2008.



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