From Wednesday 30th March till Friday 2nd April, we ran a 3 day Easter Holiday Club with a Family Fun Day on Saturday 3rd March. This year’s theme was space and after 8 hours the church was completely transformed into our intergalactic spaceship. The name of the Holiday Club ‘UFOS’ stands for United For Our Saviour, and throughout the week we were blessed greatly by God.

We were not able to get out on the estate and do much leafleting due to the bad weather, but God still sent us around 20 children throughout the few days. It was nice to see some old faces - children who had come to previous Easter Holiday Clubs, and also to make some new contacts. We had a good response from the parents in bringing their children along, one parent even re-arranged her whole day just so her daughter could come. We were able to have many good conversations with parents and some have taken away information about Jets and Surge. We are just planting the seed and hope to see it come to fruition.

God was so good to us, He gave us all strength to continue even though we felt exhausted by the end of the week.

As part of our space theme, I (Joanna) and Rachel became alien Captains Peoy and Captain Zouph from the planet Zeon. We gave the children the task of finding out different things about Earth and feeding back to us at the end of each day. We started with creation on the first day and talked about the fall and sin on the second day. Then on the third day we talked about Jesus’ death on the cross and the message of hope. Overall we had a good time singing songs, playing games, learning memory verses, earning points, creating crafts such as rockets and flying saucers, and learning about God. It is our prayer that they remember what was taught.

We are so thankful to God for blessing us in the work and we would like to say thank you to all who prayed for us and donated items for crafts as well as refreshments


                          - Joanna Baines (alias, Captain Peoy!)

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