As we enter the third year of Lifetimes programmes, we praise God for the continuing interest of so many people from other churches who join with Carley folk, twice a month on Tuesdays. We meet at 1pm to have a snack, usually consisting of soup and bread rolls, biscuits and coffee or tea, and having a relaxing hour to sit and chat before settling down at 2pm to a time of singing, prayer and fellowship with a visiting speaker, finishing at 3pm so that all can start for home before the local rush hour. Our latest printed programme shared with the Ladies Fellowship lists speakers covering January to March. These are very varied sessions with a bevy of Christian people with a variety of ministries in so many different churches. We invite all our readers to spend time with us to participate in this new format and to meet so many other interesting people and to make new friends.

is a kids club for children in reception to school year 5 (ages 5 - 10). The evening consists of singing, hearing a Bible story, and playing a quiz.



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